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"The story about The Crumb"

Exhibition @2010._ at Gallery NEON (16.03.2020), Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Eugeniusza Gepperta in Wrocławiu, unfortunately has been cancelled couse of pandemii Corvid -19.

All of the members lost theis chance to present their artistic work and creation. I decided to shere with You here online, about my project "CRUMB" which is the part of the 2010._ exhibition. Series of the sculpture "CRUMB", which exist since 2009/10, is related to the transformation, dacay, fascynation of energy and the mater, physics and astronomy. It started with some ideas and small clay models, which in time transformed into large scale ceramic sculptures.

"Time of Changes - series of the Earth Crumb", ceramic installation, 2010, Zyrardow, Poland

Year 2009/2010, which was my last year at the Art Academy in Wroclaw, gave me a chance to build up a large ceramic installation, made out of many ceramic sculptures. Some of those were presented on the bark and some were hanging. The title: "Time of Changes - a series of the Earth Crumb".

"Ziarno Nadzieji" ceramic sculpture from series "The Eart Crumb", 2010, Poland

It was a great experience and possibility to cooperate with the best artist, ceramist, craftspeople and teachers, which I met that time. It took months to build up and create the project for one person. Installation for the first time was showed in Wroclaw BWA 2010, and then in Zyrardow "Miasto Gwiazd", Kielce BWA and Boleslawiec in International Ceramic Center. During that time, but in a different studio, I created a miniature version of the sculpture "CRUMB". The miniature found the place at the Art Gallery in Zakopane, (Poland) at Miejska Galeria Sztuki im. Władysława hr. Zamoyskiego w Zakopanem on a second National Ceramic Competition "Sonata Ceramiczna" in february 2011. It would not be possible without Paweł Stasiński from Miejsko-Gminny Dom Kultury in Końskie for sharing a ceramic studio.

detail of ceramic installation "Time of Changes" Boleslawiec, Poland


Few months later, I have been invited to open an ceramic and glass studio in Wroclaw - Pracownia Ceramiki "4 sztuki". And after two more years in 2012, I moved to Norway, where I started a brand @KashQDesign. Since then, under a new name, I create new sculptures into the series "CRUMB" and "Time of Changes" in different scale, by divergent type of clay and firings. So surprising, how long we can work and explore one subject and still fill need to create and analyze more out of it. And surprising is, what can happen with the idea, when the founder of the idea gonna leave far away from the border of the country.

Stay safe and healthy!!

- Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska,

Link to the portfolio album:

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