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Fire in the Hole! Magical days in Todalen!

From Green Outdoor Space into The White Snow, with the smiles on our faces we spend few days - that how it looks like a Todalen area during November 2015.

It was a great experience for few ceramist which where invited by Siri Skjerve & Toril Redalen into the project Fire in the Hole!. The idea of ceramic event was to learn how to build a primitive, outdoor wood firing kilns, how to do it in natural way. We have been learning from each other by "learning by doing". We had great teacher from sweden - Annie Lindgren, who show us how to build professional Raku oven, how to burn Pit Firing oven, Papir oven and hole oven.

At the same time in Surnadal at Gallery Finstuå 13-22.11, we had a Ceramic Exhibition when we presented some of our previose ceramic works and ready made Todalen art pieces.

Great Thanks for Siri Skjerve & Toril Redalen, Brit Dyrnes, Tovelise Røkke-Olsen, Tiril Havdal and Annie Lindgren for amazing days together, burning primitives ovens, hard work and mega tasty food!

It was really interesting time with all of You. Tusen Tusen Takk!

Gallery Finstuå

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