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KashQ Design on Villvin Kunsthåndverkmarked, July 2015!

This year to the Villvin Kunsthåndverkmarked arrived 'KashQ Design', to present their porcelain design and the sculptures ! After 950 km of the road train and bus, with a backpack, suitcase, bags and several hours of road, I finally got to Risør! The effort was worth it !! City is located in southern Norway/near Oslo, and impresses not only by wooden, white buldings, sun and warm climate but also by amount of traditional pottery and flowers around, almost in each window! Amazing! Every year, scandinavian, proffesional artists gathering together on the Solsiden at Risør to present their craft: ceramics, glass, textile, metal, leather goods and wickerwork products. The tradition of the Art Market in this city goes back to 36 years, when local artists settled in this coastal town, creating over time a scandinavian crafts center. I need to emphasize, that the level of aesthetic works is really high! More about Villvin Marked: Sincere thanks go to the organizers of the event and Big Congratulations for keeping this tradition alive and the excellent level of the event! Hope to see you next year !!

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