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Return Policy of KashQ Design Shop.

Seller: KashQ Design / Strandveien 23 D, 7067 Trondheim / Org. nr: 925 161 616 / Phone nr.: 966 70 316 /

Buyer: Person who takes ordering/ who purchases through the webpage KashQ Design Shop.

In KashQ Design shop all items, which are not fulfilling expectations of our customer, can be returned and exchanged until 14 days from the purchase date. 

See below and get to know our return policy.


Return policy:

  • To be included in the return policy, every buyer at KashQ Design Shop, needs to confirm receiving the package. Buyer is obligated to take a picture of the product of each side after unpacking the product/products. The action is needed to document unexpected defects which might happen after the post transportation/delivery. The product needs to be untouched and in one piece, not damaged, not used. 

  • If there are other reasons to return the product than transportation damage, buyers need to explain the reason for returning or exchanging chosen products by attaching the pictures of each side of the product, explaining the reason and sending an email to the shop.

  • Products non-exchangeable are those with limited edition, unique products, exchange can be possible if the buyers choose the same (if in stock) with equal or higher value of the product.

  • Products can be returned or exchanged in 14 days from the purchase date.

  • Product can be only returned/exchanged: unpacked; if unpacked then the product needs to be in original packaging, in original condition with attachment of the pictures after unpacking. Pictures need to be sent by email with the date and description of the defect of the product to the shop. 

  • Any shipping fees of returned/ exchanged products needs to be paid by the buyer.

  • If a product is going to be used or destroyed during the 14 days from making a purchase - the return policy is not gonna be considered.

  • After the return policy is accepted by seller and buyer, then buyer needs to send back the package with original product and packages by Norwegian post in the shortest time possible.

  • Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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