August 17, 2020

New event just arrived!

KashQ Design gonna be a part of Sluppenfest 2020 / Sluppen Festival 2020, Trtondheim, Norway.

Organizer Lager11, Trondheim Kommune.

KashQ gonna present some ceramic sculptures at Austmann Bryggeri & Taproom. Thank You! ;)

December 29, 2018

New porcelain sets has been made recently, inspired by polish and norwegian landscapes. Two amazing places of my life transformed into two sets of porcelain vases and cups. Those sets has been decorated by special ceramic, stamps technique with underglaze paint. Technique famoue in city called Boleslawiec in Poland.

September 16, 2018

2018 August - International Ceramic and Sculpture Symposium in Boleslawiec, Poland. 

 Art exhibition at White Gallery at Kulture Center in Boleslawiec, Poland. 25 august 2018

 `Landscapes` made by me at ceramic residency in Boleslawiec, 2018.

 Symposium, Boleslawiec Ceramic Center 2018

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