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KashQ Design


photo. Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska

KashQ Design is a ceramic and porcelain studio located on Svartlamon, Trondheim (Norway).

Is leaded by professional artist and ceramic designer Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska.

Business specializes with porcelain design, producing and promoting handcrafted ceramic and contemporary sculpture. 



@kashqdesign @znedi 

photo. Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska

Studio offers ceramic courses for all, youth and adults, for those who are interested to discover something new or immerse into ceramic handcraft and design.


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local  Art

@kashqdesign @znedi

photo. Katarzyna Anna Chrzanowska

Studio is specialising with promoting and selling local art from local craftsmen. The name of our showroom is "ZNEDI lokal kunst".